Nova Bus pleased with the launch of an important electric bus integration plan in Canada

April 12, 2018 Events
Nova Bus pleased with the launch of an important electric bus integration plan in Canada

SAINT-EUSTACHE (QUEBEC), April 12, 2018 – Nova Bus is pleased to announce the Canada-wide project for the integration of electric buses and charging infrastructure from competitive manufacturers in public transit networks, the first of its kind in the world. Nova Bus’ participation in the project is part of an important collaboration with the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC).


In order to develop the ambitious plan that was announced today, which aims to deploy electric buses in several Canadian cities, CUTRIC brought together financial partners, research teams, technological tools and players in the manufacturing industry. “This project intends to demonstrate electric buses are cross-compatible with manufacturers’ charging solutions, all with a view to sustainability, which is a key value for Nova Bus’ development. Our participation in this project, as in the Cité Mobilité project in Montréal, reflects our desire and ability to work effectively with various stakeholders to make Canada and its metropolitan networks world leaders in sustainable, efficient and safe urban transportation,” said Emmanuelle Toussaint, Vice President Legal, Regulatory and Public Affairs of Nova Bus and board member of CUTRIC.


The first phase of the project will entail the deployment of 18 buses and the installation of charging stations on bus routes in the cities of Vancouver in British Colombia, and Brampton and York Region in Ontario. Nova Bus is one of the bus manufacturers who will provide entirely electric LFSe model buses, with delivery planned for 2019.


Nova Bus’s collaboration with CUTRIC began in 2016 with a desire to help municipalities make the most of the major investments that electric public transit requires, in particular by making electric buses and manufacturers’ charging stations cross-compatible. The goal is to standardize infrastructure and equipment to a certain extent in order to give transportation companies more flexibility. More information about the initiative can be found on the CUTRIC website at




For more information, contact Emmanuelle Toussaint at 581-994-1951 or by email at

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