Electro mobility

Driven by our Electro Mobility strategy, Nova Bus is stepping forward in terms of the electrification of transit bus drivelines to significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions, while doing its part for future generations.

At the core of the shift towards electrification in public transport…

  • Electricity is the most sustainable fuel source
  • Electricity is 3 times more efficient than fossil fuel
  • Bus systems are suitable for running on electricity

Here are the main benefits of the Nova Bus’ Electro-Mobility solution :

Opportunity Charging

Open platform standard for cost efficient charging :

  • No range limit
  • High utilization of charging infrastructure
  • Optimized system performance
  • Electricity consumption distributed over day and night
  • Power outtake distributed geographically

New opportunities for urban planning

  • Bringing buses closer to passengers
  • Silent transport improving quality of life and increasing real estate values
  • Enabling indoor bus improving passenger comfort and safety
  • Significantly reduces emissions and particles improving air quality
  • Energy efficient public transport

Opening up possible bus routes in new areas.

Silent mode of public transport is improving quality of life and increases real estate values while reducing noise.