Nova Bus partners with the City of Huntsville, Alabama, in their transition to high-performing transit buses

June 2, 2022 Announcement
Nova Bus partners with the City of Huntsville, Alabama, in their transition to high-performing transit buses

Plattsburgh, United States, June 2, 2022 — Nova Bus, a member of the Volvo Group and a leading North American transit bus manufacturer, is pleased to announce its first contract with the City of Huntsville, Alabama, for the purchase of up to 12 clean diesel buses. The buses will be assembled at the Nova Bus facility in Plattsburgh, New York State.

This is the first purchase of 40-foot buses for Huntsville Transit that will be integrated into their 10 bus routes. It is the high performance of the clean diesel buses that convinced Huntsville to partner with Nova Bus. The buses will be delivered with EPA-compliant engines, which improve fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

“The City of Huntsville looks forward to working with Nova Bus as we aim to provide better service to our riders. We believe these additional buses will allow us to serve more residents as we look to increase our capacity and reduce wait times,” said Quisha Bryant, Director of Parking and Public Transit.

“We are very happy about this partnership with the City of Huntsville, and we are delighted to help them in their transition to high-performing vehicles, as the use of public transportation saves billions of gallons of gas every year and a typical trip on public transit will emit over 50% fewer gas emissions than driving,” said Martin Larose, President of Nova Bus. “We are also looking forward to this summer’s demonstration of our hybrid model to the City of Huntsville, as it is essential for us to support transit agencies in their evolution towards electromobility so that we can meet our collective greenhouse gas reduction goals.”

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Nova Bus, member of the Volvo Group, is a leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions in North America. Its portfolio includes electric, hybrid, CNG and clean diesel buses, high-capacity vehicles, as well as integrated intelligent transport systems. Nova Bus accompanies transit authorities and bus fleet operators in their transition to electromobility with its flagship LFSe+ long-range electric bus, combining the proven Nova Bus structure with the latest innovations in electric drive. Nova Bus is committed to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and positively contributing to a greener economy. For more information regarding Nova Bus products and services, please visit

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