Transit solutions

Accessibility features

Being independent is important, and the ability to travel between home and a chosen destination is an integral part of self-sufficient living. The Nova Bus LFS vehicles integrates a combination of accessibility features designed to help your city enhance the autonomy of its population.

Swivel Zone

The wide entrance area of all our buses, which we like to call the Swivel Zone, makes it very easy to get in and out of the vehicle with any type of mobility device. Our Swivel Zone provides the best accessibility since the entrance to the Nova LFS® is 18% larger than in any other bus in its category. This really makes all the difference when you have limited mobility.

ADA-compliant flip-up ramp

Our buses can be equipped with an ADA-compliant flip-up ramp featuring a 1:4 or 1:6 slope ratio to ease passenger boarding. While deployed, our ramp’s flush floor transition assures easy access to the fare box and simplifies fare collection for maximal productivity.

Front kneeling system

By lowering the front axle down to normal curb height, our kneeling system allows mobility device users to easily board unaided. Your Nova Bus vehicle is ready to accommodate baby strollers or any type of mobility device with safe and efficient boarding.

Dedicated mobility device area

Our buses feature a loading capacity of up to three mobility devices, with an option for integrated locking anchors to secure them. Both forward-and rear-facing securement options are available. A distinctive seat fabric with pictograms can clearly identify these positions reserved for users with special needs. A dedicated next stop announcement button can also be integrated to inform the driver that the next stop is requested by a passenger with reduced mobility.

Color markers

Bright contrasting colors can be added to highlight flooring variations, allowing visually-impaired users to easily identify potential tripping hazards and find their way inside the vehicle. Color can also be applied to grab handles for easy identification.