Getting the most out of your bus

Vehicle downtime is costly and leads to lost time, rental fees, or the need for spare units in the fleet. Nova Bus Value Features are designed to enhance serviceability, simplify safety checks and regular maintenance to ensure optimal bus productivity.

Minimizing the time your vehicles spend in the garage for planned or unplanned maintenance and cleaning should be taken into consideration when selecting a manufacturer. The Nova Bus team is always on the lookout for new ways to optimize vehicle serviceability and improve buses’ life cycle cost.

New rear design

Our well-organized engine compartment makes mechanical inspection simpler; it features two large access doors and plenty of room to work on key components. Rear parts most subject to impacts are now made from a thermoplastic blend called TPO that provides an exceptional combination of stiffness and stability. Ultimately, that means fewer replacements in service.

HePEX Tubbing System

Exclusive to our transit buses in North America, this proven piping system has been used for years to replace traditional copper tubes in Volvo buses and trucks. Tubes and connectors are widely available and four times less expensive than copper parts. Assembly is made easy as no soldering is required, which eliminates the risk of solder build up and reduces maintenance cost and downtime.

eCooling System

Our standard electric engine cooling system is fully integrated and positioned on the rooftop so dirt and debris cannot get in. It needs no hydraulic fan drive oil cooler or manifold. It reduces the energy demand from auxiliary equipment to maximize buses’ efficiency and lower fuel consumption by up to 31%.

Passenger environment

Routine cleaning has never been as easy. Mopping tasks are completed in no time since there are no seat legs to work around. Our bright and stylish interior design also provides the easiest access to electrical components through seamless roof panels.

Thermoplastic skirt panels

Most Nova Bus skirt panels can be replaced in under five minutes without bodywork, special training or tooling – just another exclusive feature to help your bus get back on track in no time after a minor side impact.