1. Silent smooth ride

    No gear shifting and silent operation that gives passengers a pleasant ride

  2. Superfast charging

    Rapid and fully automatic charging at end stations helps you stay on schedule

  3. Maximum payload

    No indoor space is sacrificed, our Full Electric vehicle let you transport passengers, not batteries



Download specifications (PDF)
Propulsion Electric
Length 40' (12.2 m)
Width 8,5' (2.59 m)
Height 10,9' (3.32 m)
Interior height 7,75' (2,36 m) excluding rear axle
6,17' (1,88 m) over rear axle
Seats Up to 41
Standees Up to 34 (Loading capacity : 75)
Structure Stainless Steel
Roof-mounted HVAC Thermo King all-electric AM2 E700
Engine TM4 Sumo HD electric powertrain 230 kW / 2700 Nm
Transmission options Direct drive - No gearbox
Axles Front ZF RL-85
Rear ZF AV-132
Brake system ABS all-wheel disc brakes with traction control
Turning radius 40' 10'' (12.45m)
Fuel tank capacity 4 Volvo high voltage lithium-ion batteries in parallel