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Working at Nova Bus means being part of a Quebec company that has been making a real social and environmental impact for over 25 years. We are a leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions in North America. We owe our success to our employees, an energetic group dedicated to the sustainable mobility of tomorrow.

Our team is more than 1,500 strong across three plants in Quebec and New York State. We work in partnership with the largest public transit organizations in Canada and the USA, providing cutting-edge hybrid and electric vehicles with integrated intelligent transportation systems.

Beyond the products we develop and our commitment to our customers and the environment, we firmly believe that our performance and success hinge on our ability to think outside the box and enjoy what we do. Our employees exhibit outstanding skills, professionalism, and drive.

You are welcome on the Nova Bus team, just the way you are! We support diversity in all its forms, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where differences are celebrated.

If you too want to be part of a dynamic company doing great things, join the Nova Bus team.

Do you want to work side by side with the brightest talents in the industry and make a difference for future generations? Join us and help build a greener tomorrow!

Here are the jobs currently available

Job posting may be available only in English or French depending on the geographic area and position’s requirement.

Please note that in order to comply with the “Charte de la langue française” and to encourage applications from French-speaking candidates, all our job postings in Québec are available in French only. For job postings at our Plattsburgh plant, please see the US version of our site.

144780BR   Analyste programmeur(euse)
144719BR   Commis comptes à payer – (Temporaire 3 mois) –   5 postes
144768BR   Commis formation (temporaire 3 mois)
139159BR   Formateur(trice) client
144599BR   Gérant(e) Infrastructure TI et Services usagers
143777BR   Ingénieur(e) procédés électriques
135035BR   Partenaire d’affaires en développement organisationnel
142422BR   Planificateur(trice) Maître
144755BR   Technicien(ne) à la paie (Temporaire)
144767BR   Spécialiste de lignes de produits après-vente
144781BR   Superviseur(e) production – quart de jour
144782BR   Superviseur(e) production – quart de soir
  Stagiaire Session Hiver 2024
144739BR   Stagiaire Génie Industriel
144749BR   Stagiaire Gestion de projets Achats (3 postes)
144736BR   Stagiaire Gestion de projets TI
144752BR   Stagiaire Ingénierie Électrique
144753BR   Stagiaire Ingénierie Mécanique – Dynamique du véhicule
144754BR   Stagiaire Ingénierie Mécanique – Gestion de projets clients
144757BR   Stagiaire Ingénierie Mécanique – Systèmes Extérieurs
144760BR   Stagiaire Ingénierie Mécanique – Systèmes Intérieurs et CVAC
144761BR   Stagiaire Ingénierie Mécanique – Groupe Câbles et Harnais
144765BR   Stagiaire Ingénieur(e) Mécanique
144763BR   Stagiaire Ingénieur(e) Prototypage, Test et Validation
144769BR   Stagiaire Maintenance Industrielle
144771BR   Stagiaire Production Qualité
144773BR   Stagiaire Prototypage et Support Produit LFS et LFSe+
144738BR   Stagiaire Systèmes Embarqués de Contrôle
145041BR   Stagiaire Technicien(ne) Comptabilité – Comptes payables (2 postes) Nouveau!

No positions currently available

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