Getting the most out of your bus

Nova LFS buses are designed and built to operate in the harshest environments in places with extreme temperatures ranging from winter conditions in Yukon to summer conditions in Texas. Many Nova Bus LFS have found new owners at the end of their 12 year service life, which speaks for itself! Nova Bus design features combined with the manufacturing processes make the LFS one of the most reliable transit  vehicle in the market.

We optimize our aftermarket processes in order to ensure that our clients reduce their Life-Cycle-Cost (LCC) by increasing Mean Distance Between Failure % (MDBF%) and reducing Out Of Service % (OOS%). We rapidly react on reliability problem in service and schedule monthly or weekly fleet performance calls.

Built to last

The Nova LFS stainless steel structure has been successfully tested for fatigue and impact resistance over the years. It does not require any structural overhaul or regular, and costly, anti-corrosion treatments.

Our Nova LFS structure design far exceeds APTA White Book crashworthiness requirements and has proven to be one of the safest in the industry.