Every Nova Bus vehicle is designed and built to provide the highest levels of satisfaction and return on your investment. Our competitive and comprehensive warranty policies are a reflection of our pride in the buses we build and our commitment to stand behind them.

The Nova Bus Warranty Department is here to help and to provide solutions that add value to your ownership experience.  Nova Bus Warranty professionals are ready and able to assist with:
– Warranty claims processing and administration (AFA)
– Change in vehicle ownership

The Nova Bus team will be happy to respond swiftly and knowledgeably to any questions or concerns you may have about warranty coverage and claim status. For further information, please call us :

Support Team – Warranty

Alexandre Cumas

Warranty Manager – ATUQ and STM excluded
438-843-1683 alexandre.cumas@volvo.com

Aurélie Darnoux

Account manager – ATUQ
438-346-0788 aurelie.darnoux@volvo.com

Brahim Ikhlef

Warranty Account Manager – STM
438-843-1742 Brahim.Ikhlef@volvo.com

Marie-Claude Hebert

Manager, Warranty – Services
581-628 0345 marie-claude.hebert@volvo.com