Smart technology powered by Nova Bus

The LFS Natural Gas is based on the proven LFS platform and integrates the latest in natural gas technology. Its catwalk rooftop is designed to facilitate maintenance and inspection. With our Nova eCooling system, this vehicle scores high with fuel savings and defines a new generation of natural gas powered buses.

  1. Fuel savings

    With our Nova eCooling Smart Technology

  2. Effortless filling

    Fuel Management Module features ingeniously angled design

  3. Easy to maintain and inspect

    Catwalk rooftop system facilitates visual inspection of tanks, piping and valves



Download specifications (PDF)
Propulsion Natural gas
Length 40' (12.2 m)
Width 8,5' (2.59 m)
Height 11,2' (3.41 m)
Interior height 7,75' (2,36 m) excluding rear axle
6,17' (1,88 m) over rear axle
Seats Up to 41
Standees Up to 34 (Loading capacity : 75)
Structure Stainless Steel
Roof-mounted HVAC Thermo King Athenia with X430 compressor
Engine CNG Cummins ISL-g, 280 HP, 900 ft-lb
Transmission options Allison H 40 EP
Axles Front ZF RL-85
Rear ZF AV-132
Brake system ABS all-wheel disc brakes with traction control
Turning radius 40' 10'' (12.45m)
Fuel tank capacity 9 type 3 roof-mounted tanks, 18,765 SCF
Also available in option: type 4 tanks