Reduces fuel consumption and emissions by up to 30%

Hybrid buses can lead to significant gains in efficiency, but optimum system configuration and potential gains in efficiency are highly dependent on the application. Hybrid technology is perfect in frequent stop and go conditions.

  1. Better fuel economy

    Up to 30% fuel savings at average speeds of 9-18 mph

  2. Reduced maintenance costs

    Savings on brakes and engine maintenance costs from regenerative braking

  3. Reduced emissions

    Lowers NOx, PM, CO and HC emissions by up to 40%



Download specifications (PDF)
Propulsion Hybrid
Length 40' (12.2 m)
Width 8,5' (2.59 m)
Height 10,9' (3.32 m)
Interior height 7,75' (2,36 m) excluding rear axle
6,17' (1,88 m) over rear axle
Seats Up to 41
Standees Up to 39 (Loading capacity : 80)
Structure Stainless Steel
Roof-mounted HVAC Multiplex control Carrier heater Thermo King Athenia
Engine Cummins ISL 8.9 280 HP
Transmission options Allison H 40 EP
Axles Front ZF RL-85
Rear ZF AV-132
Brake system ABS all-wheel disc brakes with traction control
Turning radius 40' 10'' (12.45m)
Fuel tank capacity 125 US gal. (473L)