Nova Bus to deliver 16 LFS buses to Puerto Rico

September 30, 2013 Events
Nova Bus to deliver 16 LFS buses to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority and Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses in San Juan, Puerto Rico, are renewing their fleet with 16 new Nova LFS Smart BusesTM.

“We value Puerto Rico’s renewed trust,” said Jean-Pierre Baracat, President of Nova Bus. “After 14+ years in service, our vehicles continue to prove themselves in San Juan with a strong track record of reliability and cost efficiency.”

“Working with PRHTA has been a positive experience throughout the entire procurement process, and we now look forward to continuing to grow our successful partnership.”

Nova Bus vehicles have been rolling in the streets of San Juan since 1999, when AMA received 24 Nova LFS buses. Deliveries of the new 16 Nova LFS Smart BusesTM are underway.

Modern and Smart

All Nova Bus vehicles are engineered around a heavy-duty stainless structure which presents a distinct advantage wherever corrosion is a concern. They come standard with thermoplastic skirt panels that can be replaced in under five minutes without any bodywork or special tooling.

One major improvement in the new generation of Nova LFS Smart BusesTM is the introduction of the Nova eCooling system. When used in conjunction with optimal fuel reduction features such as adaptive shifting transmissions, it can provide up to 31% fuel savings in a UDDS duty cycle compared to a traditional drivetrain. The Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) cycle is a common reference test that simulates city driving conditions on a 7.45-mile urban route, at an average speed of 19.6 mph.

San Juan’s riders will reap the benefits of a revamped passenger environment. The buses’ modern design was optimized based on feedback from client focus groups and inspired by aerospace and rail transportation.

San Juan’s Nova LFS buses are assembled in Nova Bus’ upstate New York plant. Each Nova LFS contributes to the creation or retention of a total of 1.1 quality manufacturing jobs and 5 indirect jobs. Nova Bus is also part of the Volvo Group, which employs about 12,000 workers in the United States in six production facilities.

About Nova Bus

Nova Bus is a leading provider of sustainable transit solutions in North America. Its portfolio includes hybrid electric buses, high-capacity vehicles and integrated intelligent transportation systems. Following its Electro MobilityTM strategy, Nova Bus is moving forward with the electrification of its vehicle key components to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Group. For more information regarding Nova Bus products and services, please visit