APTA’s EXPO 2014: Nova Bus showcases its Electro Mobility solution to the American market

October 13, 2014 Events
APTA’s EXPO 2014: Nova Bus showcases its Electro Mobility solution to the American market

Nova Bus is delighted to display its innovative Electro Mobility solution at APTA’s EXPO 2014 in Houston, Texas, from October 13th to 15th. Nova Bus experts will welcome business partners and the media to explain how its electric buses and fast-charging system built in collaboration with Siemens can successfully meet clean mobility challenges across North America.

Nova Bus showcases an Electro Mobility solution including fully electric vehicles with en-route fast-charging system. This mobility solution offers an automatic and flexible solution adapted to the needs of North American transit authorities and drivers. Nova Bus’ electric bus system not only represents a silent and emission-free mobility solution, but also reduces energy consumption by 80% compared with conventional diesel buses. Our electric bus system is based on our proven bus platform and an overhead inverted pantograph conceived by Siemens. This innovative solution minimizes the weight and maximizes the loading capacity by removing the all charging element from the bus and optimizing the number of batteries.

“This collaboration will enable our companies to deliver complete electrified bus solutions to cities and improve urban mobility in North America, with electric buses that move freely around the city and recharge in less than six minutes at end-of-line charging stations,” said Jean-Pierre Baracat, President of Nova Bus. “Our Electro Mobility solution offers a complete answer to several economic, social and environmental issues in cities. Nova Bus’ fully electric bus is being developed with major partners in the field, and we are proud to team up with Siemens for the charging system.”

Demonstration projects of this complete mobility solution will begin in 2016 in partner cities across the continent. Nova Bus has 35 years of experience in bus building for the North American market and has collaborated with Siemens to integrate an efficient transportation infrastructure power distribution system to our mobility solution. This combined expertise has led to the development of the most efficient Electro Mobility solution available in North America where Nova Bus is leading the Electro Mobility strategy for the Volvo Group.

“We are very pleased to be an integral part of the complete mobility solution with Nova Bus, with whom we share a common vision of safe, efficient, and sustainable mobility,” said Robert Hardt, President and CEO, Siemens Canada. “As cities throughout North America continue to grow, the need for efficient and clean transportation solutions has become critical. At Siemens we are committed in finding new and innovative ways of to meet these needs and the High Power Charger is a great example of this commitment”.

About Nova Bus

Nova Bus is a leading provider of sustainable transit solutions in North America. Its portfolio includes hybrid electric buses, high-capacity vehicles and integrated intelligent transportation systems. Following its Electro MobilityTM strategy, Nova Bus is moving forward with the electrification of its vehicle key components to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Group. For more information regarding Nova Bus products and services, please visit www.novabus.com.