Nova LFS HEV Series-E hybrid bus: technological advance being tested in Quebec

November 15, 2014 Partners
Nova LFS HEV Series-E hybrid bus: technological advance being tested in Quebec

In collaboration with its business partners, Nova Bus is testing an LFS HEV hybrid bus with integrated Series-E propulsion system, which can switch from diesel operation to temporary fully-electric mode. The demo bus will run in the streets of Quebec City in coming months to collect data and optimize its performance for future routes.

Nova Bus is taking hybrid technology to new heights and enabling fully-electric operation on specific routes. The Series-E LFS HEV will be tested for six months to document the benefits of its green technology, under the various propulsion modes it offers – diesel, hybrid electric or fully electric.

“Advanced tests, such as those being conducted in partnership with Réseau de transport de la Capitale, enable us to make the most of hybrid technology and enhance our research and development of transportation electrification. We are also proud that Nova Bus will be the first bus manufacturer in North America to market buses featuring BAE System’s Series-E technology,” said John Kardos, Nova Bus Vice President of Business Development.

“At Nova Bus, the electrification of transportation is a major project that has already reached several milestones in the past few years. We are tackling the research and development of electric transportation in stages. We first tested and assessed existing systems and strategies to select those best adapted to the operating conditions of Quebec’s transit authorities. We then integrated various electric components into the proven LFS platform. Adding BAE System’s Series-E technology to our hybrid LFS HEV is a major step towards having our buses run exclusively on electrical power,” added René Allen, Nova Bus Vice President of Product Management and Strategy.

Nova Bus has also released a video featuring the project’s lead engineer, Benoît St-Cyr, presenting the features of the bus. To see the video: click here.

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