Nova Bus proud of the APTA 2017 success!

October 19, 2017 Events
Nova Bus proud of the APTA 2017 success!


City Mobility

  • Our 100% electric vehicle proudly stood in our kiosk. A virtual charging station was also in place to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.

LFS CNG Vehicle

  • A Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle of the city of VIA (San Antonio, Texas), was present at our booth to show the specifications of our LFS vehicle platform.

Prevost X3-45 Commuter

  • The Prevost team was present to explain the new innovations on Prevost vehicles, especially the fan drive.

Virtual Simulator

  • This highly technological tool has enabled us to demonstrate the exceptional visibility we offer to bus operators.

Parts and Service

  • We have the largest network of service centers in North America and some members of the team were present to answer the various questions.

Cocktail and Refreshments

  • During the event, we were the ideal meeting point at the end of the day offering cocktail and refreshments to all our visitors. Great opportunity for enriching encounters.

Our regional Sales Managers and Management team wants to thank everyone that came to our booth during last week’s APTA EXPO. It was a great success because of you!

A special thank you to VIA San Antonio that gave us the opportunity to showcase one of their high quality vehicle during the event.

We will bring life to your city!