Nova Bus announces first order from Michigan

September 25, 2018 Partners
Nova Bus announces first order from Michigan

PLATTSBURGH, NY, September 25, 2018 – Nova Bus is proud to announce it has been awarded a contract from Capital Area Transit Authority (CATA) in Lansing, Michigan. The contract calls for 23 clean diesel buses in the base order which includes nineteen 40’ Nova Bus LFS and four 60’ LFS Artic. It also includes 60 options over five years, for a maximum total amount of 41.2 million dollars.

“We are especially proud of this win at Lansing, a first for us in Michigan. We knew that CATA was looking for reliable and sustainable buses and it finally chose Nova Bus’ products. This new partnership is just beginning and everyone at Nova Bus will be mobilized to meet the needs and demands of CATA and facilitate the introduction of these new buses into the Lansing fleet,” said Martin Larose, President and General Manager of Nova Bus.

“CATA is delighted to be the first agency in the state of Michigan to introduce the Nova Bus brand to its fleet,” added Bradley T. Funkhouser, CEO and Executive Director of CATA. “Not only is Nova Bus recognized as a reliable product, but each vehicle procured will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is critically important to our stewardship of public funds.”

Nova Bus offers its clients high quality support that meets their demands and a high level of training for proper use and maintenance of the buses to ensure performance at full capacity. The new vehicles will be fully assembled in Nova Bus’ Plattsburgh, NY plant, with first deliveries expected in the last quarter of 2019.

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About Nova Bus

Nova Bus is a leading provider of sustainable transit solutions in North America. Its portfolio includes hybrid electric buses, high-capacity vehicles and integrated intelligent transportation systems. Following its Electro MobilityTM strategy, Nova Bus is moving forward with the electrification of its vehicle key components to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Group. For more information regarding Nova Bus products and services, please visit